A design challenge stems from a problem you want to tackle, and is what guides and anchors you through the different phases of design thinking. A good design challenge will allow you to look beyond the current paradigm and solutions to wholly new possibilities.

Choosing the right frame and scope for a design challenge can be difficult. It is important important to fully explore and understand the problem itself before moving toward solutions. As your project moves through subsequent phases, you will continue to gain a deeper perspective about your design challenge. You will craft your initial design challenge in this phase, though it's necessary to keep in mind that it will evolve. Stay flexible and adaptable as you learn more about your challenge, and be open to reframing it.

With your team, you will Decide on a Problem you want to tackle, Reframe it as a Design Challenge, and begin to break it down by Identifying Key Stakeholders and Framing Your Team's Understanding of it. This phase should take several hours over the course of one day. We recommend collaborating using a larger area to write or post notes – such as a whiteboard or wall.

New framing of a problem your team currently faces within education as a clear, human-centered, and open-ended design challenge

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