Reframe as a Design Challenge

Now that you have a sense of the root cause(s) of your problem, reframe it as a human-centered, open-ended design challenge. Use one of the following templates to rewrite it.

Version 1

How might we redesign/reimagine the _____________ (topic) experience for _____________ (group of people) in order to _____________ (what they are trying to achieve)?

Version 2

How might we create a way to help _____________ (group of people) _____________ (what they are trying to achieve)?

It’s difficult to create a well-framed design challenge on the first try, so use the questions in the Tips section to help assess if your challenge meets the criteria of a good design challenge. If not, tweak it and try again.

Time Needed

30 minutes

Is this challenge measurable, so that the goal or impact is clear?


"How might we reimagine how teachers and students collaborate in the classroom in order to increase student achievement?” (goal of collaboration is focused on student achievement)


"How might we redesign teacher feedback?" (intended impact isn't clear)

Can you tackle this challenge with the time and resources available to your team?


"How might we reimagine the first day of school for students to develop a strong support network?" (can solve in a matter of weeks)


"How might we create a 21st century learning experience in our school?" (good for a year-long project)

Is this challenge open-ended enough to allow for a number of different solutions?


"How might we develop a way to help teachers feel ownership and autonomy over their professional development?" (allows for multiple types of solutions)


"How might we develop a professional learning community to share best practices in our district?" (solution is professional learning community)

Is this challenge focused on people’s needs, rather than a technology, approach, process, or solution?


"How might we reimagine the way students choose senior projects to make them more relevant to their career goals?" (focuses on the human experience)


"How might we encourage students to use the senior project rubric?" (focuses on a solution or approach)

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