Review Define

Congratulations on completing the Define phase!


Before moving on, make sure you have completed the following activities:

  • Chosen a well-crafted design challenge. You will be using this as the focus for the rest of the program.
  • Identified people who have a stake in your challenge. You should be strategic about when to bring them into the process or share your progress.
  • Identified people who have deep perspectives on your challenge - both within and outside of education. Your team will be engaging with them in the next phase of Explore.
  • Made note of key questions or topics about your design challenge that you want to understand. You will be using these to guide activities in the next phase of Explore.

Enter Your Work

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What's Up Next?

The next phase is Explore. You will be planning and conducting research to develop different perspectives about your design challenge. You will need your full team and 1-2 hours of dedicated teamwork to complete the first activity - Create an Exploration Plan. After that, Conduct Research should happen as individuals or pairs over the course of several weeks, while Debrief with your Team should happen at least once a week during that time.

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