You will conduct qualitative research to develop a deep understanding of people’s experience with your design challenge, and gather inspiration from completely different contexts outside of education.

The activities in this phase facilitate deeper interactions with others so you can uncover insight into why things are the way they are, and see your challenge from a different point of view. It is with these insights that you can build a more meaningful and valuable experience for your users. This is the time to be curious and empathetic to how others experience this challenge.

Overall, this phase should take several weeks. You will engage in Building an Exploration Plan with your team over the course of one day (1.5-2 hours). After that, you can split up individually or in teams of two to Conduct Research over the course of several weeks, and Debrief with Your Team each week during that time.

A new understanding of your design challenge from others' points of view, to inspire new ways to solve it

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