Create Concepts

Now that your team has settled on an idea (or even two), you’ll now start to define it – what it is, what it does, and how it impacts your design challenge. A concept summary will provide your team a general guide-post that you can refer back to as you continue to develop your idea.

With this concept summary in hand, your team will be developing and iterating on the tangible form it takes based on the feedback you receive in the Play phase, so don't think of it as a final statement, but rather a tool that aligns your team members on what you will be building.

Time Needed

1 hour

Concept Summary Worksheet

Use this concept summary to help your team align on what your concept is, what it does, and how it impacts your users. You can use this description to communicate to others and to refer back to as you build your prototypes during the Play phase. Remember: This is not a final statement, but a way to begin to form the details of the concept.


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