Based on what you know about your users, you will imagine wholly new ideas for how to solve for your design challenge. This is the time to think big and be open to new - even radical - ideas for how things could be, and what they can become.

All the work you’ve done this far has give you a rigorous understanding of what is valuable for your users, stakeholders, and community. With this knowledge, you can generate and develop ideas that will improve and innovate the current educational experience.

You will be Brainstorming Ideas with your team, Evaluating Ideas, and deciding on one or two to Develop as a Concept. This phase should happen over the course of one day over 2-3 hours. Choose a meeting space that allows you to write or post on a large area – such as a whiteboard or wall.

Expansive thinking that will produce one or two promising ideas for positively impacting people's experiences

Start Here: Introducing Imagine

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