Review Imagine

Congratulations on completing the Imagine phase!


Before moving on, make sure you have completed the following activities:

  • Brainstormed different ideas - big and small, practical and crazy - with your team and other stakeholders as needed
  • Identified one or two ideas to develop and test in the Play phase
  • Archived your other ideas - just in case you need to go back to them
  • Reviewed your design challenge to make sure it’s still accurate. Sometimes our design challenges can shift as we learn new things.

Enter Your Work

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What's Up Next?

The next phase is Play. Over the course of several hours, you will be Developing a Test Plan for how to gather feedback on your idea, and Developing a Prototype for your first iteration. After that, you can split up individually or in teams of two to cycle through several rounds of Testing your Idea, gathering feedback, and revising your prototype(s) - all over the course of several weeks. After each round of testing, you will work with your team to Decide on Next Steps.

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