In this phase, you will make a prototype of your idea to test and develop based on feedback from your users. The focus is on making a prototype that is valuable and desirable. By learning what's working and not working early on, your idea can get better - faster.

Many times, we are nervous to show people our unfinished ideas. We try to make it perfect, but we risk having our hopes dashed when our vision meets reality for the first time. Instead, if you allow people to play with your idea in early stages of its development, the stakes are lower and you’ll be able to redesign the elements that aren’t working. This way, you can understand if your concept is meeting people's needs as you expected, before you fully implement it.

Overall, this phase should take several weeks. Over several hours, you will Prototype Your Idea and Developing a Test Plan for how to gather feedback on it. After that, you can split up individually or in teams of two to cycle through several rounds of Testing Your Idea, gathering feedback, and revising your prototype(s) - all throughout the course of several weeks. After each round of testing, you will work with your team to Decide on Next Steps.

Confidence in the value of your final, refined prototype that was developed from rounds of testing and iterating with your users

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