Review Reflect

Congratulations on completing the Reflect phase!


Before moving on, make sure you have completed the following activities:

  • Developed 4-6 insights about the current experience of your design challenge based on what you learned during Explore
  • Developed 5-7 design principles that are based on your users’ needs, and will provide guidance for developing new solutions to your design challenge
  • Reviewed your design challenge to make sure it’s still accurate. Sometimes our design challenges can shift as we learn new things.

Enter Your Work

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What's Up Next?

The next phase is Imagine. With your team and other invited stakeholders, you will Brainstorm Ideas using your design challenge and design principles as inspiration. Your team will then Evaluate Ideas and select one or two to Develop as a Concept. All these activities can happen over the course of one day (2-3 hours), or split into several sessions of brainstorming.

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