Lead a Project

Being part of a project is the best way of experiencing the TD4Ed platform. If you choose to start your own, you are automatically the project leader. This is an exciting opportunity, but also comes with responsibility. As the project leader, you will:

  • Create your own project (which will be featured on the TD4Ed Projects page)
  • Invite others to join your team (they may accept or reject your invitation)
  • Remove team members from your team
  • Set the pace for completing activities in the design thinking curriculum
  • Organize meetings with your team (we recommend weekly check-ins)
  • Input and share your team's work as you complete the curriculum

Please note: Anyone can start a project, but we acknowledge that it takes commitment and dedication. While you can be a member of many project teams, we only allow each person to lead one project at a time. At this time, you cannot transfer project leader responsibilities.

If you aren't ready to lead a project, you can still browse our curriculum and activities, or join another team.

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