Work With Others

Innovation — at its heart — is a team sport. That's why we have developed TD4Ed as a team-based program. We recommend building a team of 3-5 educators that are interested in making positive change in their classrooms, schools, districts, or communities. For a well-rounded team, choose people with different perspectives and skill sets than your own. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have your challenge figured out just yet.

Since you will be creating the project, you are the project leader. You are responsible for keeping the team on target, tracking progress of activities, and updating your project page on the platform so that others can view your work.

Please note: There are times when you may be collaborating remotely. To facilitate this, we recommend using a program, such as Google Docs, in order to facilitate your team's communication. Many teams find it useful to keep a digital record of all the work they do — both separately and together — in one place.

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