At this point, you’ve gone through the design thinking journey from problem to idea to a meaningful solution. From here, you will consider how to make your solution feasible and viable to implement, and - we hope - begin a whole new challenge.

TD4Ed was developed to enable change and transformation, though this change isn’t just about the solution to your design challenge. It’s also about your personal growth - what you’ve learned as an individual and as a team. It’s about the new approaches you’ve tried, the new skills you’ve honed, and the new mindsets you’ve fostered. We hope that you continue to learn and grow as a design thinker!

Depending on the scope of your project, this phase could take several weeks or several months. We've provided guidance on what we feel are the most important aspects of transforming education - not only with your solution, but also with the skills you've developed from the TD4Ed design thinking program.

First, by Evaluating Your Solution's Scalability, you can outline goals and Build a Roadmap for implementing and spreading your solution. To ensure that it stays meaningful and relevant in today's changing conditions, you will Track its Impact as you implement yoru solution. Finally, by Crafting the Story of your team's journey and the development of your solution, you can get the support you need to get it off the ground. Once your solution is implemented, we hope you Start a New Challenge to continue to advance your personal and professional journey.

A meaningful solution to a challenge within education, a compelling story about your team's journey, and a renewed sense of agency and autonomy in your practice!

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