Review Transform

Congratulations on completing the Transform phase!


Before moving on, make sure you have completed the following activities:

  • Developed a roadmap for how to implement your solution
  • Created and shared your team's story about your project and your journey, while building support along the way
  • Prepared to tackle a new challenge and with it, advanced your personal and professional development

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What's Up Next?

We hope you enjoyed your experience, but it doesn't have to end...

  1. Share your story. Want to have your project featured on the TD4Ed site? Send us an email with your team's story of personal and professional transformation!
  2. Give us feedback - how could the experience improve?
  3. Get a digital badge for your TD4Ed work through Achievery.
  4. Spread the word about TD4Ed to your colleagues.
  5. Start another project!

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